Securing HDMI Cables

We are in the process of installing some TVs in our Thinktanks (study spaces) at our high school. We needed a way to secure the HDMI cables to the TVs so they couldn’t be easily stolen. Found these on Amazon. They work great, just slide the cable through the coupler and crimp it shut.

Office Shenanigans #356

So, in our office, if you leave your computer unlocked for an extended period of time, we will get into your e-mail and send your entire department an e-mail saying that you will bring donuts tomorrow.

Or, we will change your desktop background to this:

It’s mostly shenanigans, but also an attempt to get people to be more conscious about what is on their computers.

Tinkercad to Minecraft

So, the kids at the middle school have been doing some classwork with Project Ignite and Tinkercad. They were doing some assignments and then at the end they had to design a project of their own.

In addition to downloading the file for 3d printing, Tinkercad gave an option to download into Minecraft. So I took one of the kids who designed a Penguin and had him download the minecraft schematic. I was able to import it into a server I had using WorldEdit.

Pretty neat. Check it out below.
One of the kids also designed a pickaxe, so I imported it as well.