Securing HDMI Cables

We are in the process of installing some TVs in our Thinktanks (study spaces) at our high school. We needed a way to secure the HDMI cables to the TVs so they couldn’t be easily stolen. Found these on Amazon. They work great, just slide the cable through the coupler and crimp it shut.

New 3D Printers!

The middle school in my district finally got new 3D printers. They ordered three A5’s from NWA3D.

So far, the experience has been night and day. We had so many issues with the FlashForge. These printers are way easier to set up, way easier to use and maintain. Printed a few minecraft items to show the kids next week when the classes start.

Facebook Security

Sharing this information as I’ve noticed a few people lately who have had their Facebook accounts compromised. There are several options within the Facebook Security Settings that can help boost account security.

A good way to ensure your account remains yours is to use a more complex password, something that not going to be found in a Rainbow Table. These are basically a catalog of potential passwords and dictionary words. Many of these are multiple gigs, with some approaching a terabyte of data.

The method I use is a complex password as well as what is called Two Factor Authentication. This means I have to my password as well as another element to successfully login. They call these tokens, Facebook allows SMS Tokens, Hardware Tokens and Software Tokens.

SMS Token is simply a code sent to your phone that you will need to type in before logging in. A software token is similar but the code is generated by an App, Facebook calls this a Code Generator. A popular option for this is the Google Authenticator. This is available for both Apple and Android. I have both of these options set up.

The final option is a hardware token and this is the main option that I use. I purchased a YubiKey NEO from from Yubico. It can be used via USB into my computer and also via NFC with my phone. When I log in, I have to plug this into the computer and then hit the button. If you do purchase this specific one, there is a piece of software you have to install to enable the device. There are other keys that don’t allow for NFC that are easier to use.

Now, all that being said, the two factor authentication only takes place (for Facebook) when authorizing new devices. If you are in the habit of signing into new devices a lot, you will need to utilize the two factor tokens.

Now that it’s all set up, someone either needs my phone or my hardware key to successfully login to my account.

I encourage anyone who is worried about losing their account or who just want to increase the security of their Facebook account and indeed their other accounts to look into Two Factor Authentication and to use more complex passwords. You can test the complexity of your password as places like Password Meter. If you wish to look into what other websites or devices feature Two Factor Authentication, you can click here.

Office Shenanigans #356

So, in our office, if you leave your computer unlocked for an extended period of time, we will get into your e-mail and send your entire department an e-mail saying that you will bring donuts tomorrow.

Or, we will change your desktop background to this:

It’s mostly shenanigans, but also an attempt to get people to be more conscious about what is on their computers.

WARdriving: Wi-Fi Spoils

One of the benefits of having a small laptop with wicked awesome battery life, is you can hunt for open wifi networks to mess with. You can also just scan for dope names. Here’s a few that I licked.

  • MotherFuckerJones
    • Jamie Foxx would be proud.
  • f1ng3r_my_butth0l3
  • Dial-Up Network
  • DicksOutForHarambe
  • Dijon Moutarde
  • DontEvenTryToConnect
  • f1ng3r_my_butth0l3
  • Free WiFi
    • Only if you have a WEP cracker.
  • Future Gadget Laboratory
  • Guests of the Gnome
  • I slept with your WIFI
  • LickAssHoeFindUrOwnShit
  • loading…
    • Used to be the name of my hot spot.
  • MotherFuckerJones
  • OhMyGodYouKilledKenny
  • oldlady
    • Found this one near a retirement home!
  • PennyIsAFreeloader-2.4
    • Plus points for the Big Bang reference.
  • Pimpin’ ain’t easy
  • FratGuysAreGay
    • My personal favorite.